Organization brief

SOHAY is a not for profit and non-political voluntary organization was dreamed to be established in 2002 to improve slum live and livelihood through ensuring primary education of slum children, rights of adolescent, youth and women and provide skill training in household level for economic development. At first SOHAY registry as welfare organization on 8th January 2002 with Ministry of Social Welfare (Registration No: D-06471) then SOHAY became legalized on the 26thAgust 2004 through the registration with Joint Stock Company and firms (Registration No: S-4047 (149)/2004)) and on the 3th March 2007 with the NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB Registration No: 2200), Government of Bangladesh for implementing development work in all over Bangladesh. Then it formally started its journey towards its mission by gradually achieving the objectives of the organization. SOHAY has a clear policy of auditing its books of accounts every year by reputed audit firm in Bangladesh. SOHAY has updated and transparent financial and procurement, personnel, gender, right to information, human resource and administrative policy.