Current Projects of SOHAY

Project-1: Stop Child Labour through Education Project

Goal: The goal of this project is to tackle the worst forms of child lobour through education

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to providing children with information on child labor and education and teaching them new skills, particularly life skills, empowers them as individuals who know their rights and fulfill their responsibilities in society.

Expected Outputs:

At the end of the project-

  1. 170 working children are informed about the negative consequence of Child Labour
  2. 150 number of student received Non-Formal Education for enroll in formal schools
  3. 150 numbers of parents are sensitized to send their children to schools instead of jobs.
  4. 20 number of children received Vocational Training
  5. 200 number of children got health cards
  6. 50 numbers of employers agreed to release their child employee

Geographic location : Lalbag, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Targeted Direct Beneficiaries : 170 working boys and girls

Duration of the proposed project : January to December 2017

Donor : One World Foundation, Bulgaria

Major Activities:

  • Urban Development Center (UDC) establishment and preparation
  • Potential children database development and management
  • Sensitize meeting with employers
  • Sensitize meeting with school teachers and governing body members
  • Child labour code of conduct dissemination
  • Organize children development session
  • Organize parents sessions
  • Organize community meeting with local elites and leaders
  • Non Formal Education (NFE), pre-schooling session and tutorial support sessions
  • Education materials distribution
  • Health card prepare and distribution
  • Organize market oriented vocational training and visit for job linkage



Project Name: Hazardous Child Labour Elimination

Project Goal: Bangladesh will be a child labour free country by fulfill in the basic rights of children


  • To withdraw children from GoB listed hazardous workplaces
  • To create conducive working environment for the working children who are lawfully eligible to work in non-hazardous works
  • To protect vulnerable children entering into labour market

Target Population: Hazardous working and vulnerable children and their families

Project Duration: August’2013 to April’2017

Donors Name: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), Bangladesh

Working Area: Dhaka North and South City Corporation

Expected Outcomes:

  • 1250 children withdrawn from hazardous work and enrolled in formal schools
  • 2000 number of children enrolled in formal school before entering into labour market
  • 1000 children re-assigned from hazardous to non-hazardous tasks
  • 250 children replaced from hazardous to non-hazardous jobs after get skill training.
  • 500 of employers ensure Labour Code of Conduct in workplace
  • 4500 children got access to first aid and primary treatment facilities

Major Achievements:


Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Around 40% of the total populations live below the poverty line, a sizeable proportion are in Dhaka urban slums.  The children future will be bleak if someone does not come with a comprehensive education program.  SOHAY is doing the job.  They live in vulnerable socio-political economic environment and are working hard, searching opportunities getting out of this vicious environment.  According to the present projection it will become home of 25 million people by 2025 around 60% will live in slums, large portion will be classified as poor vulnerable.  Unfortunately, due to patron-client interest they are excluded from basic rights and opportunities.  According to the national child labour survey, there are 7.4 million working children of whom 6.0 million in rural and 1.4million in urban areas almost all of them are engaged in life threatening different types hazardous jobs. They are in this vulnerability due to lack of proper education and absence of right skills for the fast growing labour market, also living in dark no knowledge of labour rights. The Bangladesh Government is committed eliminating child labour hence has taken short, medium and long term strategies eliminating different forms of child labour by 2015.

SOHAY is working with slum children changing their social-economic situation through successfully blocked the inflow child labour in market. It is working mainly three different strategies a) block the influx to hazardous jobs through diversion to education b) withdrawal from hazardous job through re-skilling and employing to new hazard free jobs and c) creating conducive work environment.  SOHAY is implementing the project by holistic strategies; it diverts and withdraws by offering alternative to children that ensures sustainability of the programme.  The block or diversion did not allow the children enter in the hazardous process, the re-skilling and better job placement reduce number of hazardous working children and creating conducive working environment reduce children vulnerability.

Major Activities:

  • Form community group through meetings to create consensus in the community to facilitate change in the locality and allow people to think on what action they have to do
  • Withdraw hazardour working children to formal education
  • Organize vocational trainning and assist job linkage
  • Sensitize family members, community and local duty bearers
  • Informal and pre-primary education support and assistance for enrolment
  • Linked with formal health service center with free or low of cost



Project Name: Children Organized for Learning and Development (COLD)

Project Goal: The project will improve life and livelihood of disadvantage slum children in Dhaka.

Object: To improve human and social capital of the supported children and their family members lead to children education, health access and child rights.

Target Population: Vulnerable slum children and their families

Project Duration: January’2012 to December’ 2017

Donors Name: Global Fund for Children, USA

Working Area: Dhaka North and South City Corporation

Expected Outcomes: At the end of the project-

  • 650 numbers of children will enrolled in formal education
  • Children will get low cost health facilities from community health service center
  • Parents will be committed to protect their children education rights
  • Community leader and local duty bearers will play supportive role to protect slum children rights


Bangladesh is one of the poorest populous countries in the world; half of its total 162 million (other recent statistics says it 140million) people live below the poverty line. According to a survey, a large portion of Dhaka population is classified as poor and vulnerable. The projection of Dhaka city population was17.6 million in 2010 and among the 60% of them live in slums.

The human capital indexes of slum population are very poor due to lack of their education, health and skills and the due to lack of information and awareness their social capital index is also low. According to World Bank report published in 2010thenational literacy rate is 55.90%, but the percentage is very low in all of urban slums. The Government of Bangladesh has taken several steps to increase the school enrolment and retention. Unfortunately despite all these efforts the performance is unimpressive, Government Primary Schools (GPS) and Registered Non-Government Primary Schools (RNGPS) has increased from 47.2% in 2005 to 50.5% in 2007. A report says that 31.5% boys and 33.2% girls live in Dhaka Urban slums never touched the school boundaries and rest of the children do not complete primary education due to poverty and lack of awareness and support from family. In this context SOHAY is implementing this protect to ensure all slum children in formal education with proper guidance and protection.

Major Activities:

  • Sensitize family members, community and local duty bearers
  • Pre-primary education support and assist education for enrolment
  • Individual counseling and motivation
  • Linked with formal health service center with free or low of cost


Project: 4

Project Name: Social Mobilization for Women Empowerment

Project Goal: Establish violence free just society reducing violence against women and children at family and community level to zero tolerance To create a women friendly environment within the community to work on stop violence against women at family and community level. And also scale up learning on stop violence against women and policy advocacy to make law on violence against women (VAW) at family level.

Target population: Vulnerable and victimize girl and women at Dhaka Urban Slum

Project Duration: January’2013 to December’2013

Donor’s Name: Jatyo Nari Nirjaton Protirod Forum (National Violence against Women Forum) and Action Aid Bangladesh

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Major Achievements:

  • Project created strong wave in the locality and society on violence against women and girls and instantly several men stand to work against this barbaric practice in the local community and society.
  • The local leader and influential members have committed that if they come across of any such incidence they will take strong action against the perpetrator and bring them under local administration and law.
  • These discussions created hatred on such act in the community and men are aware that they are the custodian of a family and responsible to provide equal rights of their partners and female family members.
  • People understanding on violence against women and girl have changed, most of the participants have committed that they personally will stop any form of violence in their own home and family and will stand by the side of the victims and will oppose the perpetrators to stop these forms of violence in their community.
  • Project has influenced the community to form local committee to check violence against women and girl and provide necessary support to the victims, if required

Major Activity:

  • Emergency support and Linkage with legal aid support organization
  • Individual counseling and motivation
  • Incidental spot visit and fact­ findings
  • Awareness materials development and publication.
  • Providing psychosocial care support for survivors.
  • Campaign on DVAW titled BREAK SILENCE.
  • Advocacy, Lobbing, Capacity building and Day observation
  • Sensitize family, community and local duty bearers


Figure: Number of Population Get Benefits by Different Activities in this project.

Social Support for Women
Types of Activities Number of Support/Beneficiaries Number of Participants
Counseling 40
Remove family Violence 35
Protect Early Marriage 40
Protect Polygamy 05
Linkage with different social and local government support 10
Economic Empowerment 8
Legal Support to victims
Rape 03
Village court 09
Rape and Kill 02
Women Trafficking 01
Family Asset Distribution 10
Awareness Raising 
Court Yard Meeting 1900 3750
Women Sessions 2300 4180
Rally 05 1187
Human Chain 04 487
Male Assemble 01 122
Organize Seminar 02 47


Previous Project Profile of SOHAY: At a Glance

Project -1

Project Name: The Community Legal Aid Services in the Southwest of Bangladesh

Project Goal: To improve access to justice and lives of the poor, ethnic and women in the proposed working area.

The Target Population of the population are suffering from, Gender based violence, cast discrimination, vulnerability of women, lack of ability to access legal aid, landlessness, inequalities and lack of rights.

Expected Out Comes: The people in the Upazila will have increased knowledge about legal system and will use this if needed to recourse.

Major Achievements:

Project Duration: July, 2014 to March, 2017

Working Area: Kaligong, Satkhira (South-west region of Bnagladesh)

Donor Name: UKAid, (Consortium with UTTARAN and Bhumijo Foundation )

Project Background:

The legal assistance and support in life stand as a crucial need.  It comes true for those women or deprived groups are undergoing difficulties in life.  Despite their utmost unwillingness to knock the judiciary door, the situation sometime compelled them to do so.  Under such condition if the judicial environment appears as hostile then the women or the deprived groups have nowhere to go in life toimage001graph get recourse than cursing own life and time.  Bangladesh is one of the economically poor countries in the world has yet to bring the judiciaries in order to help those desperately looking for this special service.  There are many women, adolescent and deprived groups in Bangladesh are suffering due to their ignorance of the justice system, the perpetrator takes advantage of their illiteracy and ignorance of how the system works.  SOHAY is working in south-west part of Bangladesh, Kaliganj Upazila to change the situation, going to inform 225,596 population of that Upazila under Satkhira District.  These people will know how the judicial system work and if anyone need assistance what they have to do.  SOHAY is confident due to its work the society will be just and more harmonised and better than the current one.

Kaliganj is in south-west part of Bangladesh is close to a long Indian border and is severely affected by the climate change as a result the bio-diversity and people livelihoods are changing.  The families are taking time adjusting to the change, many people livelihoods are under huge threat, their own profession are threatened as well, income dropped.  The difficulties in families are increasing day by day.  In addition there is strong presence of religious and “ultra-left” extremist groups, and good percentage of lower caste communities (27%) make the society diversified.  SOHAY has closely observed women and children are the worst victims.  The situation of the lower cast difficult to bear, they face multiple burdens.  The CLASSBD project is addressing the issues such as gender inequalities, early marriage, dowry, polygamy, verbal divorce, desertion, eve teasing, wife beating/verbal abuse, abduction, intimidation are the common and regular form of Violence Against Women (VAW).  In addition water logging is creating another layer of difficulties, spoiled the livelihood options in the region, forcing male members to migrate for work, result putting additional insecurity and burden on the women. Due to quick money shrimp farming damaging the environment and reduce the soil fertility. This part of the country is religiously conservative, people culturally shy and due to social pressure so a lot of gender-based violence go unreported.

Major Activities:

  • Change people understanding and bring confidence on legal system
  • Create awareness in the whole upazila about legal issues and what is legal course
  • Engage local community in the process
  • Ensure people access to the legal system
  • Bring people confidence on the system
  • Tell people the perpetrator will be brought to justice
  • Develop Community Based Organisations at village, union and upazila level
  • Capacitate staff and community mediators
  • Enhance community mediation favourable to poor and women
  • Facilitate meeting of union, upazila and district legal aid committees.


Project -2

Project Name: Safe Migration for Bangladeshi Workers

Project Goal: To ensure safe migration of Bangladeshi migrant workers to restore their rights and dignity


  • Improving the safe migration process
  • Steering a migrant reintegration programme
  • Pursuing comprehensive pre-departure, on migration and return services for migrants and their families
  • Strengthening the National Alliance for Migrants’ Rights, Bangladesh (NAMR,B)

Target Population: Migrants workers, to be migrants and their family

Project Duration: August’2014 to March’2017

Working Area: Dhakkin Khan, Uttara, Dhaka

Expected Outcomes:

After implementation the project people will fully aware about safe migration process and get legal and procedural support in pre-departure and after departure.

Major Achievements:

Donors Name: JICA (Sub-grant partner of BRAC, Bangladesh)


Bangladesh is one of the populous countries in the world.  It is full with 160 million people.  Around 5 percent of the total population 7 million are migrant workers employed overseas.  Due to improper knowledge and right type of support many of them fall to exploitation by the fraudulent recruitment agencies, middlemen or their foreign employers.  SOHAY is planning to control and curb the situation.  SOHAY know the breading ground that is people lack of awareness and knowledge about migration process and image0012 how to make this safe.  There are room to work with communities on labour laws, their rights, how to get access to information and immigration services.  At the same time there is room to engage on proactive policy support and sufficient social and economic re-integration initiatives.  On the  other hand Bangladesh has been declared migration is a third sector and is increasingly being recognized as one of the post- MDG development agendas.  In this context BRAC initiated a comprehensive migration project in 2006 to work with potential and returning  workers in 17 migration-prone districts, providing information on safe migration processes, relevant laws and rights,  legal support, skills training and social arbitration to recover money from middlemen, who adapted fraudulent practices  and cheated migrants. SOHAY is working with BRAC’s as partner organization of their ‘Safe Migration for Bangladeshi Workers’ project in Dhakkinkhan area, Dhaka.

Major Activities:

  • Enhance knowledge about safe migration in the community and make changes.
  • Providing information on safe migration processes
  • Awareness on relevant laws and rights and migration process
  • Ensure legal support
  • Provide skills training and
  • Social arbitration to recover money from middlemen



Project Name: Hazardous Working Children to Mainstream Education

Project Goal: Children are participating at school in Dhaka city

Target Population: Working and Vulnerable slum children

Project Duration: October’2013 to September’2015

Donors Name: Global Giving, UK

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Expected Outcomes: At the end of the project-

  • 200 numbers of children will withdraw and enrolled in formal education
  • They will get low cost health facilities from non-government, private and government health service centers
  • All of the parents will sensitize towards their children education
  • All children will be protected by national child policy

Major Achievements:


Bangladesh is one of the poorest populous countries in the world; half of its 150 million people live below the poverty line. image001 The populations are concentrated into two different settings, e.g. urban and rural areas.  The people are moving from villages to urban cities for better life, livelihood and job opportunities as a result large numbers of people are concentrating in city areas, a study shows 400,000 new people annually are coming in Dhaka,  mostly poor destined to slums.  According to rough estimate around 7.4 million children are working in different sectors, 6.0m in rural and 1.4m in urban. They have  nothing to offer or negotiate except physical presence and labor so around 93 percent of them pass painful working life, work long hours, 30% are estimated work 43 hours or more per week. The owners do not have any urge improving the conditions or environment because the influxes of unskilled children are so huge they are not worried about shortage of workers for their areas. This situation is very influencing on the slum children development and protection. In this context SOHAY is implementing the project to reduce children participation in hazardous labour market in Bangladesh.

Major Activities:

  • Withdraw hazardour working children to formal education
  • Pre-primary eduction support and assist education for enrollment
  • Sensitize family members, community and local duty bearers
  • Individual counseling and motivation
  • Linked with formal health service center with free or low of cost



Project Name: Improve the lives of the children living in slums areas through education and capacity building (ILCLSAECB)

Project Goal: The project goal is to ensure that the vulnerable and disadvantage children are growing up in a suitable environment to fulfill their human rights and basic needs.

Project Purpose: The purpose of this project are-

  • To ensure education and health facilities for the slum dweller children are protected and make the duty bearers responsive.
  • To assist children replace their hazardous jobs by ensuring skill training, conducive job support, develop working place environment from the employers and the duty bearers.

Target population: Vulnerable slum and hazardous working children and their families

Project Duration: August’2009 to July 2013

Donor’s Name: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), Bangladesh

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Major Achievements:

  • 2101 numbers of school age slum children are regularly going to the Government Primary Schools and enjoying in education
  • 135 numbers of children have taken skill development training and job access
  • 154 numbers of children have leaved hazardous work to work in more than improved and non-hazardous environments
  • 283 number of children have reassigned hazard free task and got batter working environment in their respective working place
  • 1342 numbers of families have accessed in low cost health, children education and service access facilities.


Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world.  More than half of the population live below the poverty line; a large proportion of these people live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is full of urban slums, the amount of people living in these slums has more than doubled in the past decade and reached a shocking 3.4 million in 2006. The inhabitants of these slums are socially and economically vulnerable. They are illiterate and unskilled and are forced to work long hours in exhausting, menial jobs just to provide one, sometimes two meals of rice and potatoes a day.

By considering the above situation this project focuses on enhancing the knowledge, confidence and capacity of slum dwelling families. It has established children’s groups, parents’ groups and women’s groups. It increases the awareness of the value and importance of education and assists children to gain admission to government primary school.

This project also organizes for them skills development activities.  This helps the dropout children to learn practical skills to help them participate in mainstream economic activities.  The technical education programme intends to expand the range of trades offered.

The programme will bring sustained change to the lives of people project will be working with.

Project Outcomes

  • A total number of 1800 school aged children in SOHAY working areas will be enrolled in Government Primary School for education and will enjoy the education facilities, 128 number of children get cultural development (art, Dance and song) facilities at the end of the extension period of this project.
  • A total number of 141 children will leave hazardous work to work in more than improved and non-hazardous environments. A total number of 250 children will reassign hazard free task, get good working environment in their respective working place. A 20 number of project supported school going children mother will involve with IGA and ensure their children education. All SOHAY supported families will be against the child labour at the end of the extension period of this project.
  • A total number of 800 families will have access to health facilities from Government, NGOs health institute and private health institute with more than low cost and have more awareness on education, health, water and sanitation at the end of the project.
  • Local duty bearers and community leaders will become more supportive towards the rights of slum children and working areas people will more conscious and responsible about different important development issues for protect disadvantage people rights and justice at the end of the project.
  • Local people were more aware about different development issues which are help to ensure destitute people’s rights and justice and also for this region local civil society will become more supportive towards them at the end of the project.

Major Activity:

  • Children group formation
  • Provide pre-schooling, tutorial support and cultural development sessions and education materials support
  • Sensitize sessions with parents, community and local duty bearers
  • Sensitize health service provider for health facilities for the slum dweller children and their families.
  • Replace and reassign from their hazardous jobs by ensuring skill training, conducive job support, develop working place environment and advocacy.
  • Develop service delivery mechanism among the slum families and local service provider

image003 image0011

Number of Children Enrolled in Formal Education                         Supported Children Enjoying in School



Project Name: Vocational Training for Vulnerable Children.

Project Goal: Gradual Elimination of hazardous child labour through non-hazardous vocational skill development

Project Purpose:

  • To create opportunity for non hazardous vocational skill development.
  • To create opportunity for non hazardous jobs and self employment.

Target Population: 240 (age 14- below 18 years) vulnerable, street and children working in hazardous sectors.

Major Activities:

  • Identify hazardous working and vulnerable children
  • Provide need base skill training
  • Assist to job linkage facilities
  • Assist to entrepreneurship development

Project Duration: November 2012 – March 2013.

Donor Name: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Working Area: Dhakkinkhan, Uttara,  Dhaka

Major Achievements:

  1. 244 vulnerable children developed their vocational skill
  2. 173 number of children get job access national and international market
  3. 23 numbers of children create self employment.
  4. 196 numbers of children and their families income increases and living a standard life.


The time when a child is grown-up with affection of parents, they have to go to school, at that time; maximum children of our country go out to arrange their food. Stern reality is that they are far away from their rights of education, health support, shelter, affection-love, amusement and enjoyment. The conditions of the children from the marginalized community are more vulnerable.

Under the circumstances, children from these particular vulnerable groups are pushed into the Informal Economic Sectors for complementing and supporting their family income. In many cases, Children’s are become the main bread earner for their families. As a result, number of working children’s in different informal sectors is alarmingly increasing

Considering the situation, with the support of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) SOHAY along with other  MJF supported 3 Organizations was taken initiative to organize non-hazardous vocational skill training for the vulnerable, street, and working children who are involved in hazardous works under Dhaka City Corporation Area. Implementing organizations was take initiatives for jobs placement or self employment to raise the income of the vulnerable children and their family.


Project Name: Education Assistance for Slum Children

Project Goal: Develop slum children confidence through participation in school with well uniformed and education materials  

 Target population: Vulnerable slum children

Objective: 700 numbers of disadvantage school going slum children will get education materials support

Major Activity:

  • Educational materials distribution (uniform, bag book etc )
  • Awareness raising and motivation on child and adult education

Project Implementation Year/ duration: January’2008 to March’2008 and 2010/ January’2010 to June’2010

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Expected Outcomes: 700 numbers of disadvantage slum children will enjoy in Government primary school with sufficient education materials

Major Achievements:

  • 745 children have got school uniform and feel confidence as like as others children in school.
  • Reduce school dropout rate dramatically
  • Parents have sensitized toward their children education and their responsibility to protect rights.

Donor’s Name: Hope for Children, UK



Project Name: Economic Empowerment Project

Project Goal: Slum adolescent girl and women will empowered through access in life skill and income generation non-hazardous vocational training to develop their life and livelihood.

Target population: Vulnerable Slum Adolescent Girl and Women

Objective : Slum children, adolescent boys and girls and women get market demandable skill and get involve in job.

Major Activity:

  • Provide market demandable skill training and assist job linkage
  • Social skills training on capacity building
  • Entrepreneurship development

Project Duration: February’2009 to June’2010

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Expected Outcomes:

  • 180 numbers of girls and women will get skill training facilities and increase their household income as well.

Major Achievement:

  • 189 numbers of adolescent girl and women get receive skill development training
  • 87 numbers of trainees involve in job marker
  • 46 numbers are develop personnel business

Donor’s Name: Jhone &Patricia Woolner and different UK and Bangladeshi individuals



Project Name: REFLECT and Health Development Initiative through Community Participation

Project Goal: Enhance women knowledge and understanding on education, health, water and sanitation.

Major Activities:

  • Basic education for community women:
  • Aware community the importance of children education
  • Immunization for children
  • Care of pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Awareness on water and sanitation and hygiene

Target population: Urban slum families, spatially children and women

Project Duration: March’2006 to August’2006 and March’2008 to August’ 2008

Donor’s Name: Action Aid Bangladesh

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Expected Outcomes:

  • 180 numbers of women will privilege adult education
  • 200 numbers of children will enroll in formal education and family will aware on importance of child education
  • 250 numbers of new born children will get access in immunization service
  • Pregnant women will get safe delivery to their child and routine check up facilities during this period.
  • Slum community will get proper knowledgeable on basic hygiene such as drink clean water, wash hands before eating, serving food, after returning from toilet, cleaning bottom of children.
  • Slum women could make homemade saline preparation.

Major Achievements:

  • 183 numbers of women privileged adult education and now they can read and write letter and words. Some of them went further can write sentences
  • 201 numbers of children enrolled in formal education and family are aware on importance of child education
  • 289 numbers of new born children get accessed in immunization service
  • Mothers are now taking their children to satellite clinic for immunization. All children under age five in SOHAY working areas are immunized.
  • They are now aware all pregnant women gave safe delivery to their child if they follow some routine during this period. Now all pregnant women are visiting doctor during pregnancy.
  • Participants are knowledgeable on basic hygiene such as drink clean water, wash hands before eating, serving food, after returning from toilet, cleaning bottom of children and after handling feces.
  • They can preparation homemade saline preparation.



Project Name: National Identity Card and Voter Campaign project

Project Goal: To aware community to ensure their participation in national identity card programme

Target population: Under privileged people of urban area

Major Activity:

  • Assist ID registration
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Meeting and Dialogue community and local elite and duty bearers

Project Duration: July’ 2007-March, 2008

Donor’s Name: Democracy Watch, Bangladesh

Working Area: 10 wards of Khilgaon and Sutrapur Thana, Dhaka City Corporation

Major Achievements:

  • 10 numbers of Word’s underprivileged people get access in National ID card
  • Peoples now knowledge on the National ID card access process
  • Develop a effective mechanism among the service receiver and provider

Working Strategy:

  • To involve all stakeholders as much as possible in its people/voter awareness programme for its success.
  • Prepared information pack contains all information of voter roll activities.
  • Representing Election Working Group (EWG) and made it clear that all our activities are approved by EC and a work plan.
  • Engaging all stakeholders was to ensure effective implementation in unknown areas.



Project Name: Aware Poor People Reflect on Acute Community (APPROCH)

Project Goal: Urban poor families access in formal health facilities.

Target population: Urban slum families

Major Activity:

  • To ensure health access in government and non-government service center of disadvantage children and mother in slum
  • Improved capacities of women at household and community level through health care awareness are the priority in PRSP.

Project Duration: July 2007 to December 2009

Donor’s Name: Industry Sector Certification Ltd. and Zakir H. Chowdhury

Working Area: Dhaka North City Corporation

Major Outcome:

  • 764 numbers of women and man get formal health access from government and non-government organization

Major Achievements:

  • 822 numbers of man and women get formal health access