SOHAY works as a catalyst to change human life and reshape future, hence the organization programs are mostly focused on (the mandates);

  • Skills development of adolescent age between 14 to 21 for alternative livelihoods by giving different alternative livelihoods skills, such as sewing, plumbing and electric work.
  • Children Development – through education and better human information,
  • Women Empowerment – through knowledge on their rights and encourage of establishing it
  • Violence Against Women and girls – through challenging the situation with others and networks of associations, legal institutes.
  • Ensure the rights of minorities and marginalized populations – by breaking the present unfavorable social norms and characteristics through group pressure, using local authorities, and law enforcing agencies.
  • Change the future thinking and perspective of youth and vulnerable communities by challenging their present thinking patter, building personal confidence, and believing on their own
  • Combating extremism – through proper knowledge dissemination using different methods such as games, debates, discussion between friends, searching the right knowledge with the assistance of the latest technologies.  And that include what is right for them and what is wrong at young age, what they should listen and what they should reject, and how the process of rejecting it.
  • Zero tolerance of racism, religious biasness, bullying and harassments.


However as child, adolescent and youth development focused organization is working to chage their life and livelihood-